Talavera by Judy Harper – Progress 1

I’ve worked on this a little this week and wanted to show you how things are going. There’s not a lot of color changes just yet, but with basketweave, you always start in one corner and work your way across the canvas. The second section of blue is a little darker that what is painted, but I’m using the same blues as I used in the Blue Rug so this can be made into a pillow for our bed. It will definitely brighten up the room!

I had questions and doubts about my stitching, so I went to the source. I realized last night that the outlining is not black, it’s a dark blue. Judy confirmed this. She prefers dark blue outlines for her painted pieces, but the originals are outlined in black. So I’ll have to decide which color to use. I think I’ll try navy blue from the outer border for a small part and see which I like better.

I also asked about stitching the outlines. The white doesn’t seem even as you work your way around the piece so this sets up jagged edges of white and black. I’m not sure I like that. Judy informs me that the ceramics these pieces are based on are painted by hand and are not even all over. That is a characteristic of the original ceramics. So her painting of the canvas is done in a similar way. This definitely has to make painting these Talavera canvases more difficult. It also shows that Judy researches her subject before doing any painting. I love the authenticity, so I’ll continue on as I’ve started.

I’ll take a few days off now for Christmas. We have company coming tomorrow and I have things to do. Have a safe and happy holiday!


3 responses to “Talavera by Judy Harper – Progress 1

  1. You are doing a beautiful job on it – and remember that the outline on the ceramic is black, so that will do if you want. It just looks better on the painted canvas in navy. Also, I remember trying to convince beginners at needlepoint that the sawtooth edge is a characteristic of needlepoint. Don’t worry about it!!

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