Inspiration #1 for 2011

I’ve enjoyed relaxing and not working so hard this last month or so, but now I’m getting antsy. Time to start thinking about new projects and get them ready to stitch. One thing I want to do in 2011 is start adapting some rugs and textiles from other parts of the world, not just Morocco. So here is the first inspiration – a partial photo of a rug from Anatolia (Turkey).

You don’t see much green in rugs from Morocco, so this one from Anatolia caught my eye because of the colors. Then all I could do was play with the intertwined lines around the middle. I’m making this an octagon shape about 16″ across for the center of our dining room table, so I won’t be able to do everything you see in the photo.  But I’ll start with the center section and then adapt the rest to go around it. I’ve been practice stitching on this already and will show you how things are going in a few days.

I also have plans for pillows from Peru and the Caucasus Mountains. Both are in the early planning stages. First things first – I hope to start stitching this Anatolian design this weekend. We’ll see how things go.


6 responses to “Inspiration #1 for 2011

  1. This one is a beautiful thing! The “Celtic Knotwork” thing is one of my favorite motifs to plot onto canvas. A universal motif, it seems. I do look forward to seeing what you do with this project!

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