Inspiration #2 for 2011

I love reading a lot of blogs every day. One of my favorites is The Textile Blog. Every once in a while there is a post that introduces me to an artist that really catches my eye and has me thinking – How can I adapt that to needlepoint? This one really popped out at me and got me thinking.

Karen is a mixed media artist and does a lot of interesting color studies. You might like to browse her site and blog too at

I love this and I’m trying to figure out how I would go about creating an abstract in needlepoint. I’m thinking, stripes done in stitching and couching. Areas of doodles, etc. I’ve pulled a large assortment of turquoise threads, with some green, lavender, and white to use on bright yellow canvas. It’s not ready to stitch yet, but I keep making little drawings of some of the areas, lists of stitches to use, sketching a rough layout, thinking… I’m hoping it will come together in a few weeks.


3 responses to “Inspiration #2 for 2011

  1. I saw this – and loved it! I hope you do something with it, as I’d love to watch. This is the entertaining part of our design work, I think. These beautiful eye candy blogs are a great jump-start for my brain wires!!

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