Patchwork Quilt Rug – Progress 8

My last progress report for 2010! I’ve worked hard on this giant rug for the last week and have finished the last block in the first row this morning. Yeah!

I also have most of the borders along the left side completed. So I’ll move on to the next row on Monday. Here is the first row all done (though it still needs some of the last outer border done on both sides.)

I got this rug the beginning of February and didn’t work on it at all for 2 months over the summer. Remember it was already started and the top, right corner was done and part of the first square. It now has 3 squares completed so it is 4 feet by 18″ all stitched. That is one fourth of the rug done. And here is a peak at the next row that I’ll work on for 2011.

I’ll take a break on this one until at least Monday. I hope everyone has a healthy, happy, stitchy new year!!!


6 responses to “Patchwork Quilt Rug – Progress 8

  1. Nice progress! I’m looking forward to seeing more. I find the size simply overwhelming. I hope you are getting some of this sun! It makes stitching so much more pleasant. Happy New Year!

  2. Thanks for the update–I’ve been wanting to ask about your progress on this rug, but didn’t want to be a noodge. Hope this next year holds happy and productive stitching for you!

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