Anatolia – Colors and Practice

This is the inspiration for my first project of the year. I’m not doing a rug, but a design to put on my dining room table (when it is not in use). So colors are the first decision. Here is the color palette.

Lots of Silk & Ivory on the left and right sides of the roll. In the middle is Acorn Woods, a stranded silk from Thread Gatherer. I’m going to do the knot section with brown Silk & Ivory in long stitches and then stitch over it with 6 strands of the stranded silk. I want to try some designs that use other threads along with Silk & Ivory.

I’ve been doing some practice stitching as well – mainly the knot section. Here’s the first version.

The knot works well, but has some problems too. I did all the stitches over 4 threads. The left section of slanted stitches look fatter than the straight stitches. So I’ll need to redo the section on the left, using just 3 threads so they will look similar in thickness. At the bottom I started to work on the center intertwined lines in two colors. On the left of that little section, you see the dark green done over 3 threads and the light, straight stitches done over 4 threads. This looks much better.  So I’ll work on the center section while I redo the larger knot section over and make sure it all works correctly so it’s ready to go when the center is done.


6 responses to “Anatolia – Colors and Practice

  1. Love the colours you’re using here Jan. I’ve been a fan of Caucasian rugs and textiles for quite some time and have many books on the subject….I’ll be watching with interest to see what you come up with this time.

  2. A good start! The optical illusion of diagonal lines looking thinner than straight lines is tricky, isn’t it?

  3. Great colors! I really like the Acorn Woods overdye & can’t wait to see where you use it! Mixing straight & slanted stitches can sure be a challenge, huh?!

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