Anatolia – Progress 1

I’ve been working on solving problems with the knot that goes around the center of the design. But the center moved along better. I started with the intertwined lines done in two colors. This was done with two shades of green – Prickly Pear (dark color) and Sagewood.

I couldn’t get the two lines to be exactly the same, but the overall look is correct – an octagon. This will also affect the size of the knot around it. Another reason for playing a little more before I start the knot.

Next I started to fill in the center. I did Alicia’s Lace stitched with Toast to fill in the star shape first. Then added the center cross shape  with Scotch Stitch done in Mallard, a dark teal. That left the corners empty and I filled them in with Scotch Stitches in Toast (not in this photo). I didn’t want to use another color for these little corners – it would distract from the Toast star and the center as well.

I want to try new things in my designs this year, so for the rest of the center, I’ll be doing something you haven’t seen before -special stitches and new threads. This is the plan for the two pillows which will follow this piece as well. I’ll get back to a rug or two later in the year.


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