Anatolia – Center Completed

Staying with my plan to try different threads to be used with Silk & Ivory, I have completed the center of this piece.

I did the four corner Scotch Stitches in Toast to complete the center square. Then I used Mallard Silk & Ivory to stitch crescents to fill in part of the eight open areas formed by the outer borders. I played with several thread choices to put a small motif in the open area created by the crescents. Using Silk & Ivory just looked flat. Thinner thread didn’t improve anything. So I pulled several Kreinik #16 and #12 braids in colors that I’ll be using for this piece. I ended up doing stitches using Kreinik #16 in color 850 which combines several colors to give it an olive green color. I just used three straight stitches – one straight across and two the formed a large, elongated cross stitch. The ones made with longer stitches have a “tie” stitch to keep them together.I didn’t feel I needed to tie down the shorter ones.

With the center completed, I began work on the knot – sort of. To verify the size and spacing, I’m using floss to outline the knot first. The center turned out a little larger than I had originally planned. So I’ve outlined two sections of the knot done in slanted stitches and two sections of the knot done in straight stitches. Now that I have the spacing of everything finalized, I can start to stitch the knot today. This is a two step process, so I’ll post on Monday to show you how I hope the knot will be done in stranded Silk ‘n Color and Silk & Ivory. This could prove interesting. Stay tuned.


5 responses to “Anatolia – Center Completed

  1. Looks great – although as I’m working backwards in my blog reader I’m come t this after the knot and it doesn’t have the sense of adventure I usually get. Still catching up…

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