Anatolia – Progress 2

Things are moving along slowly, but I wanted to show you the process I’m going through to create the knot around the middle. I started by outlining the knot in floss so the spacing for the pieces of the knot are the same all the way around. I haven’t gotten all the way around the center yet. I add to it a little each day.

Stitching the knot is a two-step process. For the first step, I’m laying long stitches with brown Silk & Ivory – short stitches where the design changes direction and longer stitches for the sections that cross over parts of the knot. This will help me with the final step, knowing where the lines go over and under each other.

I decided to pad the knot for two reasons: to raise the knot up a little from the rest of the design and to keep any white canvas from showing through if some of the threads don’t cover as well as I would like. There will be no “dandruff” on this canvas.

Then I started stitching the last layer of the knot. I’m using 6 strands of Thread Gatherer’s Silk ‘n Color (called Acorn Woods) to cover the Silk & Ivory padding. Straight stitches over 4 threads for the four sides that are above the dark olive sections of the center, and Gobelin stitches over 3 threads for the four sides that are above the light olive sections of the center.

Two sections are completely done, so there are 6 more to go. It’s a slow process but I really like the look of this. We’ll see how things look when backgrounds, etc. are added later. So far, I’m very happy with this project.


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