Touch of Cat by Liz Morrow

When I visited Liz last year, I knew I had to come home with a couple of her designs to work on. I fell in love with Touch of Cat the minute it appeared on her website and that is the design I’m going to work on first. The pattern includes a cross stitch version and a needlepoint version – I will be doing the needlepoint one. You can see all of her designs at

I’m working on 18 count canvas and the design is just over 5 inches square. I’ll be adding to the background at the top and the bottom to make it 5 x 7 inches. You start with the cat’s eyes. I’m using a heathery brown Alpaca from Rainbow Gallery for the touches of cat. The eyes were done with Kreinik braid in white and black. The rest of the eye was done in olive green ribbon floss. These eyes shine!

Then you move on to the cat’s ears. Again I used the brown Alpaca for the ears. With the ears done, I decided to start working on the background. There’s a lot of it to do and it shades to darker colors as you work your way done the piece. I’ve started with beige Splendor silk thread, using four strands at a time for the basketweave.

She is cute so far and I’ll work on her a little every day. The background in Liz’s version has the beige going slightly darker as you go down the design – all done in shades of light brown. I’m going to change that after I finish the beige, but I won’t say what color I’m going to use just yet. You’ll see as I go along. Next I’ll do the nose, mouth and whiskers while I continue to work on the background.


6 responses to “Touch of Cat by Liz Morrow

  1. This is a fabulous kittie – I’m glad to see you doing it. Lots of personality, but yet simple and elegant. Maybe I need her to do a portrait of my fancy chicken, who is now laying green eggs.

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