Anatolia – Progress 3

I’ve finally completed the knot all the way around the center. The last knot wasn’t outlined correctly and I had to rip out about half of it and redo it last night.

With this part completed, it’s time to focus on filling in the area between the knots and the center. I don’t want to do any stitches that will take attention away from the knots, so I’m going to be basketweaving this area. I plan to use Giraffe Silk & Ivory – the darkest rust from the Mosaic rug. Hopefully that will bring out the rust in the Acorn Woods overdye silk thread. I’m still playing with how to stitch the little areas inside the knots. I’ll check in again in a few days so you can see how things are developing.


5 responses to “Anatolia – Progress 3

  1. Each time you add another element to this design, it looks entirely different. It will be curious to see how filling in the center area with basketweave affects it.

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