Framed and Ready To Go

I picked up two framed pieces yesterday and quickly took photos before we headed upstairs to hang them up. First is the Patti Mann piece that will go in our bedroom.

The framer wanted to do a gray or silver frame, but I said no. The lamps in our bedroom have a similar Asian design and the bases are very dark brown wood. So I wanted to do the frame dark to match the lamps. This is just right.

The second piece was Safari by Terry Dryden. The framer and I had fun trying to figure out just the right combination of mats and wood. I know Terry highlighted the mauve in her mats, but I have nothing that color in my house. So we needed to pull something else for the second mat.

We finally decided on the rust color to go with the giraffe pattern just to the right of the mask. The frame is a distressed wood and has a narrow black edge on it. I think this one turned out very well. It’s going in the guest room.


7 responses to “Framed and Ready To Go

  1. Framing is a lot of fun, and you can get such different emphases by changing the colours of the mounts and frames. They can make the difference between “Good” and “Stunning!”. Worth taking time to play with colours, as you did.

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