Anatolia – Progress 4

I’ve started working the dark rust basketweave around the knot now. I haven’t gotten very far but wanted you to see how it looks.

The basketweave stitch fills the area nicely and doesn’t distract from the knot at all. Even better, the low profile of the basketweave makes it easy to see that the padded knot is really raised up on the canvas.

The thread basting around the outside of the knot area shows where the outer border will start. I just wanted to visualize that so I can decide what to do for the outer border when I get there. I’ve changed my mind about how the finished piece will look so the border I had planned won’t work now. This way I’ll be looking at it every day and hopefully something will come to mind for the last steps.

It’s strange for me to have 4 projects going right now and they ALL are basketweave stitches at the moment. This Anatolia is basketweave right now, but will have other stitches when I do the little centers in the knot and the border. I just want to get the basketweave done first. The rest will go quickly. When I get tired of basketweave, I try to work on some new, little project designs. I’ve got one almost ready to go. So I need to get busy and finish Touch of Cat so I’ll be able to start on the new one soon.


2 responses to “Anatolia – Progress 4

  1. It’s good to be able to show that basketweave has its place in mixed-stitch designs. It provides a resting-place for the eyes, and a good contrast in level with the padded section.

  2. The rust basketweave blends well with the overdye for the knots. Are you planning on pulling in some of the gold and blue from the center when you work inside the knots or on the border?

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