Touch of Cat by Liz Morrow – Progress 2

I’ve added an inch to the top of the design because I want a 5 x 7 piece instead of a square piece. The beige silk is all stitched now. And I’ve added the nose, mouth, and whiskers to the cat. So the cat is completed now. I’ve started stitching the first section of the blue I”m using for the rest of the background.

I had basted along the right side to show where I was to change colors as I worked my way down the piece. But now I’ve changed my mind about how to stitch the rest of the background. Taking a lesson from the master of needle blending Anne Stradal, I’m going to gradually shade the wedgwood blue to a darker blue at the bottom. I want to keep the blues lighter until I get below the whiskers. I couldn’t find enough separate colors to stitch in wedgwood blue, so needle blending was the only way to go. I only need 3 different blues this way, though I have a fourth one if I need it.

This will be going in the master bathroom so it needs to be beige and wedgwood blue. She will fit in perfectly! I’ll show her again when all the blues are in place.


5 responses to “Touch of Cat by Liz Morrow – Progress 2

  1. I like the blue for the background – needle blending will look great. I have this pattern too, and am now wanting to stitch it. The cat has so much personality – like a Picasso drawing.

  2. If you dip down one thread every other stitch or so as you’re basketweaving, you won’t get a horizontal striped effect.

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