Touch of Cat by Liz Morrow – Progress 3

I’m not getting a lot done this week. Life keeps getting in the way of stitching.

I’ve finished the needle blending on Touch of Cat and will continue with the darkest color now until I reach the bottom. I’m adding another inch to the bottom, so I have about 1.5″ to go.

There is one more step after the background is done – some backstitching. This should be finished this weekend so I will show you the finished piece on Monday.

This is an easy, fun piece to stitch and I think she is just adorable! I’m glad I tried the needle blending since I had never it before. I’ve enjoyed it and will use it again in other designs. If you want to learn more about needle blending, look at the lighthouses on Anne Stradal’s blog. She always needle blends the sky.


5 responses to “Touch of Cat by Liz Morrow – Progress 3

  1. I don’t always needle-blend my lighthouse skies, but I do it often! This looks very nice, Jan–look forward to the finish.

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