Dublin Door by Anne Stradal – Progress 2

Things are coming together on this project. I’ve finished the archway above the door with #5 white perle and 4 plies of medium gray floss. Then I moved to the red door. This stitched up nicely and was lots of fun to stitch in 4 plies of bright red in the Gobelin stitch and 4 plies of a darker red tent stitches for the trim.

I’ll come back when everything else is completed and stitch the knocker, doorknob, and mail slot.

But now that the door is completed, I really want to do the bricks. So I’ll work on that for the next few days.


6 responses to “Dublin Door by Anne Stradal – Progress 2

  1. Just a suggestion — Why not put in long stitches in white between the grey and the arch…and how about a few strands of blending fillament over the grey “windows”?

  2. Looking good! Isn’t it a treat to stitch Anne’s canvases? I’ve done several of her ‘eggs’ and a lighthouse, and enjoyed them all.

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