Mediterranean Tile by Ro Pace – Finale

Liz Morrow hasn’t finished her Mediterranean Tile yet, but I wanted to share my completed version with you. The last time you saw this project, I was working on the overlay. When I finished the stitching, I then had to sew on a great many beads. The beads were supposed be the same color as the secondary thread, which is fuchsia. I decided that the fuchsia was very dominant and I wanted to tone it down a little. So I used burgundy beads, like the Kreinik braid that was used to outline the petals.

With the beading completed, it was time for the scary part (for me). It was time to cut the canvas in the center and create an opening for the base canvas to show through. I stitched a small octagon on scrap canvas first so I could make sure I understood all the directions (and get over being afraid of this step). It worked like a charm! So here is Mediterranean Tile by Ro Pace – done in silver, teal, and fuchsia.

Remember, this is two separate pieces put together. The base canvas is the teal section and the outside edge is the wide fuchsia border. The overlay canvas has the same 3 layer border on the outside and the inside. The base just barely fits inside the opening that is created. I haven’t decided what color mats to use for framing this. And I don’t know where it will go in our home. But I’ve learned some new techniques while working on this piece, so I’m very pleased with this project.

Isn’t this design a beauty? Thank you Ro for creating this beautiful design. Visit Ro’s website to see more of her designs. Maybe there’s one there that you will fall in love with. (And I hear she is working on another new design right now and I can’t wait to see it!)


8 responses to “Mediterranean Tile by Ro Pace – Finale

  1. Beautiful, and great to see it fitting so well together. I’ve been watching the progress of both pieces, it’s been an interesting project to watch

  2. Unbelievably nice piece. I am planning to buy the chart and was wondering if you will be able to share the list of your materials. I love your piece. Would it be OK for you to send it to Thanks a lot in advance!

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