Anatolia – Progress 5

Judy Harper is a very good friend – and when she points out an error, I trust her. She said I had a couple errors in the knots on this Anatolia piece. I couldn’t stand the thought of tearing out sections and restitching them, so I put the piece away for a couple weeks. Then I started feeling guilty. I wanted to finish the piece and that meant fixing the errors.

So I got out the original photo and the two knots I charted on graph paper to start this project. I went over each knot carefully – 3 over and under intersections for each of the 8 knots. I found the ones that Judy mentioned – and several others as well. I tied a piece of bright colored floss around each intersection that would need fixing. One at a time, I got them all fixed over a period of several days, alternating between correcting a knot and stitching rust background. Now I know the knots are all correct and the rust background is finally finished as well.

Now I’m stitching the outer background, which is being done in the dark olive used in the center design. I’ve tried several different ideas for filling in the spaces within the knots over the last few weeks as well. I don’t want any special stitches that would detract from the beautiful thread used to stitch the knots, so Rhodes stitch, etc. are out. So I’ve decided to stitch those areas in basketweave as well. The 2 closest areas to the center will be rust to match the inside background and the outer one will be olive to match the outer background. Keeping it simple. I’ll post about this project again when all that is completed.

I’m also playing with borders so I will have that decided by the time the rest of the background is done.


4 responses to “Anatolia – Progress 5

  1. Elements like that knotted strapwork always has the chance to go slightly astray – although I can’t say I would have noticed it myself. I’m looking forward to seeing this develop further.

  2. This is a striking piece, and beautifully stitched. I can only imagine how you felt when you found the mistakes. Probably no one else would have noticed, but you would always see them. I have done the same.. ground my teeth and fixed it, and have always been glad that I did.

  3. This is gorgeous. Really lovely colouring and very well chosen stitches. I imagine it looks even more spectacular in reality when the textures are more visible.

    I’m with you about problems with knots. Once I realize there is a mistake it drives me crazy until I fix it. And it is so easy with knots. While I was reading this, I wondered if placing a length of string around in the shape of the knot would help to spot any mistakes with knot overs and unders. I am sure this could be done even on the original chart rather than the canvas. Must try this sometime.

    Still I love this and am sure you will be pleased you fixed it even though it was such a pain.

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