Talavera by Judy Harper – Progress 2

Each morning I head to my little needlepoint room for an hour or so of stitching. The two projects there are on floor frames so I have to work on them upstairs. Three mornings a week I work on the large Patchwork Rug and three mornings I work on the Talavera pillow by Judy Harper. Sundays I only work on one project – just for Sundays. It’s a large project but I’m in no hurry to get it done, so once a week is fine. I’ll show you that one when I have more done.

So today I want to show you what I’ve accomplished on the Blue Talavera by Judy Harper. Almost 2 months of working 4 hours a week – it’s getting close to one quarter of the design being completed.

I started in the top, right corner and worked halfway across the top and halfway down the right side. I decided early on that dark blue for the outlining was much better than black. So I start each day with a length of dark blue and outline as much as I can. Then I spend the rest of the time filling in various areas. With the first corner done, I decided to work across the top and get it finished up. So starting tomorrow, I’ll be outlining the last dark red scroll in the top, left corner and working the rest of the blues to complete the corner. I’ve already outlined the corner section that has orange and green on a white background. I’ll be able to fill that in this week or next and do more of the light blue diamond background. Then I can work my way down to the middle of the piece and work down the right side a little more.

I love the colors and love out it all comes to life as I stitch. It’s a nice, calm way to start my days. I’ll show you more when I get to the center and have more completed.


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