In Memory – Judy Harper

Many of you might not have seen a lot of Judy’s beautiful work because she wasn’t painting any large canvases lately. I’ve collected some photos of her work to show you – in her memory.

She used ceramics and pottery for inspiration in many of her canvases but the first one shown below is from a crazy quilt square. The original piece on the left and Judy’s adaptation on the right.

She loved Mexican Talavera and used it for pillows, ornaments, and mini stockings.

Imari porcelain was another inspiration

And she posted photos of some of the kneelers that she created for a church as well.

She painted canvases for us all to enjoy for over 40 years. So much talent – and willing to share what she had learned with everyone on her two blogs.

I already miss her and bouncing ideas off of her when things weren’t going exactly as planned. I haven’t done much stitching over the last week or so but I promised her I would do a pillow from her book on Pre-Columbian textiles. I will start designing that pillow now. It will be black, orange and yellow on black canvas. I’m sure I’ll feel her watching over my shoulder as I stitch the piece. You are missed, Judy……..


5 responses to “In Memory – Judy Harper

  1. You have to see one of her pieces in person to fully appreciate the beauty. Judy was one of the few NP artists left to still paint in oils–the effect was stunning.

  2. I am fortunate enough to have one of her angel canvases, which I haven’t started stitching yet. I learned so much from her, and I’ll never forget her.

  3. And just looking at the photographs, your fingers start twitching and wanting to start stitching. Her designs were (had to retype that from are) so universal. Thank you for the reprise, Jan. Mary Agnes

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