Anatolia – Progress 8

I’ve finally finished all the green background. In case you hadn’t noticed. there was one strand of green Silk & Ivory that was a slightly different color. Since the strand was from the same skein as all the others around it, I have no idea why this one was different. But I ripped it out and restitched it.

Then it was time to finalize my plans for the outer border. I had to work carefully on the two shades of green in the center and the stranded silk for the knot – making sure that the canvas didn’t show through. One of the things I’ve been trying out is different stitches for the edges of the outer border. They will be dark brown and I did not want any canvas dandruff to show through. I think I’ve found the perfect stitch too – it’s just a cross stitch done over three threads of the canvas, but only one canvas thread wide. When I start to work on the slanted sides of the octagon, one stitch goes over 4 threads and the second stitch goes over just 3 threads.

This is working out very well. I’ll continue all the way around the then start on the inside of the border, using the colors from the center of the design. This design has moved along slowly for some time now and it seems to be moving a little faster now. I hope to get a lot more done today and tomorrow.  Here’s how it looks today.


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