In My Wildest Dream by Carolyn Mitchell

This is my Sunday only project. I bought this pattern for several reasons. I love all the little areas that will be stitched and I’m hoping to learn a few new stitches along the way. I also bought it because Carolyn says you don’t have to buy any threads. We all have a stash, large or small. And we tend to buy more threads in colors we really like. Carolyn started with 3 shades of blue green and then added others colors to complement the blue green.

So I looked through the drawers of my stash and decided that this had to be stitched in fall colors – gold, green, orange, red/orange, yellow, brown, and maybe a few dark reds. As I went through each drawer, I pulled out threads that remind me of fall and ended up with an enormous mound of thread – floss, perle cotton, metallics, silk/wool blends, solids, overdyes, etc. Making color decisions is going to be a challenge on this one! Lots of fun for me!

You start by stitching the entire border first. The lightest color is stitched first and will also be used to outline each area as it is completed. Staying with my fall color scheme, I picked 3 different colors in place of the 3 in one family that Carolyn used. I’m using Sandstone for the outlining of all the areas, a gold for the medium value, and a golden brown for the dark value. Then you add an accent color for the last few stitches, and I chose a medium green.

Going around the entire border with 4 different colors took two Sundays. With that finished, I can start at the bottom left corner of Carolyn’s design and start stitching all the little areas – 114 of them!! I’ll show this project again when I have some of those 114 areas stitched. Since I only stitch on this project on Sundays, progress will be slow but it’s a nice change of pace from other things I’m working on.


8 responses to “In My Wildest Dream by Carolyn Mitchell

  1. What a wonderful combination of stitches! I gather you do a stitch, do another stitch, then do the outline since it seems to encroach over the edges of the stitches. That makes the stitcher take a more disciplined approach to the stitching–my first impulse was to think about where I would start stitching (like in the middle of nowhere because it’s a favorite stitch of mine). Can’t wait to watch your stitching progress. Mary Agnes

  2. I love the colours you’ve picked – a really warm, rich selection. You’ll find different elements of the design will be emphasised in your colourway and the piece will become very much your own.

  3. I love the name In My Wildest Dream for this project. It just feels so right!

    It will be interesting to see your pick of colors and looking forward to see your progress on this piece.

    Pierrette =^..^=

  4. Thank you …Thank you… I have had this piece in my stash forever and now that I see you attempting it and following your progress I think I have the incentive to start…finish, well it will go with my other many many WIPS I suspect but love the concept and my colors will be far different from yours but to my taste! Thanks again for giving me the push I needed

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