ANG’s 2011 Stitch of the Month – March

I’ve started the ANG Stitch of the Month project for 2011 created by Ro Pace. Let’s start with the colors that I will be using.

My multi-colored overdye is Waterlilies #138 Winter Wheat from the Caron Collection. The other overdyes are Waterlilies #162 Periwinkle, Waterlilies #216 Bordeaux, and Silk ‘n colors #096 Golden Moss from Thread Gatherer. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to use lighter shades or darker shades for the #12 perle, so I bought both light and dark for the blue and burgundy colors. Only one green was available to go with the green overdye. I’ll use Kreinik #80HL Garnet for the metallic.

I started with dark blue for the outlines that were stitched in January. February used the blue and green overdyes. March was stitched with the blue and burgundy overdyes. So here’s the first 3 months completed.

Easy and interesting so far. Can’t wait to see what we’ll be adding over the next few months.

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