In My Wildest Dreams by Carolyn Mitchell – Progress 2

First off, I should have included Carolyn’s website so that you look at all of her designs.

With all the various areas to be stitched, I said I was hoping that I would learn some new stitches. And the very first area to stitch, on the bottom left of the design, is a new stitch for me – a large, 4-way Queen Stitch. This is the only area I got stitched on the Sunday after the borders were completed.

I don’t think this will be a stitch I use very often, but I’ve learned something new. You can see that there are 5 layers of stitching. after the Queen stitches are done. Then I had to learn how to stitch around each area as it is completed. I did that on the next Sunday and then went on to complete 3 more areas. The large, dark green area has small straight stitches done in dark green Kreinik, but they don’t seem to stand out at all.

Carolyn gives you the type of thread to use for each area, but you can make any changes you want. She isn’t specific on threads, but does say to use a dark value in one area and a light value in another.  I’m also changing the type of thread used in various areas as well, in order to balance the colors used in the overall design. There are two areas with green now, so I’ll want to make sure I use other colors in the areas around the ones shown below.

Last Sunday, I completed 4 more areas. I have so many colors and threads to choose from, and made a point of not using any green for these sections. It’s going to be hard, but fun, to try to keep the various colors spread around on the design and keep it all balanced. After stitching the 4 sections last Sunday, I decided I needed to go through my stash again and pull out some more colors and types of thread. So now I’ll have a few more orange, rust, and dark reds.

It’s time to get started on some new sections for today. The first step each Sunday is to pull the pages for the next 4 areas, read over them for the type of thread Carolyn recommends, and then decide which colors to use for each of them. I’ll take photos and post again in two weeks for this project. Hope you’ll have as much fun stitching today as I will.

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