Anatolia Finale

Well, it’s finally finished. I’m not thrilled though. There was only the border to finish, but I ran into lots of problems. The spacing was off on a couple of stars and I had to rip them out and redo them. The stars on the slanted sides of the piece have a different orientation that the ones on the straight sides. So what I had planned worked nicely for the straight sides but I had to adapt for the slanted sides.

I’ll tuck it away for a few weeks and see if I like it better by then. I think the 6 strands of silk worked well with the Silk & Ivory. And the Kreinik #16 braid was also good.  Here it is – all stitched up.

I’m definitely ready for a new project. I know it isn’t Halloween yet, but the next project is based on a pre-Columbian textile from Peru. Think lots of black, orange and yellow. The Silk & Ivory has been ordered and the design process has started.

And I’m beginning to get antsy about starting a new rug!! It’s a Tunesian Berber design which was originally done in off-white and browns, but I’m thinking off-white with lots of dark blues and greens. Not ready to start designing yet, but soon.



6 responses to “Anatolia Finale

  1. Jan, sorry that you were disappointed, but I think it is beautiful. I think if you step away from it for a few days you will like it too!

  2. All that ripping and refiguring paid off–the border is very effective. I really like the octagon shape of the whole piece.

  3. Heavens girl, this is lovely! Another amazing accomplishment. It’s not as detailed as your usual masterpieces which may be what is throwing you off on this one; the color choices and over all design are simply beautiful! Stitched with perfection. Enjoy with pride!

  4. Sometimes when you’ve just finished something the frustrations are too close to the surface to allow you to judge it truly. You may have to hide it away for a month to be able to look at it dispassionately, but I’m sure it will be worth the wait!

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