Turquoise Dreams – Progress 3

WordPress just came out with this new template and I love the rust and teal colors. So I tried it out last night. The only thing I had to change was the background color, which was black. The background now looks like Aida cloth and I like the color so much better than black. Hope it wasn’t too big a shock when you arrived here today.

With Anatolia completed, I’m now working on Turquoise Dreams. I’d like to finish it this coming week.

I’ve started the next section which surrounds the center Walnetto stitch. I used 3 plies of thread for all of the boxes. I started with DMC Satin Floss # S976 and made 6 small boxes. The next layer is DMC Floss # 3809, the darkest shade of turquoise. The 3rd layer is DMC Satin Floss # S676 and the last layer is DMC Floss # 597. With two corners completed, I decided that the lighter shade of Satin Floss is just too light and fades away. Do you agree? I think I should pull that out and do the 3rd layer in a light gold color. The light gold would also look better with the overdye I used for the Walnetto.

When the little boxes are completed, then it’s on to the corners. I’ll be back early next week with more.


8 responses to “Turquoise Dreams – Progress 3

  1. Must say I DID think I was in the wrong place when I first clicked on, but I got used to the new look pretty quickly.

    I’d have to see the light gold before I could make a decision.

  2. I can see the lightest shade of Satin Floss. Using the blue versus the gold depends on where you’re going with the overall design–either shade plays off the Walneto in the center.

  3. I’d leave it the lighter blue – it echoes the lighter blue in the Walnetto, and I think it shows up well. Based on the gold shades already used a light gold would be the color that fades away.

  4. I think your central motif is gorgeous and agree with the others that your light blue shows well with the others.
    However, a slight whine. What is the status on your adopted geometric rug? I seem to remember that you are stitching one day a week on it, but haven’t seen any mention or photograph of progress. Thanks! Mary Agnes

  5. I also thought I had arrived on the wrong blog (grinning).

    I smiled when I saw your beautiful Walnetto as I also have one coming up with Carole’s Anasazi Dream. I just love doing those special stitches. They make such a nice statement whenever you use them.

    Pierrette =^..^=

  6. Jan, stitchlady here, I also have WordPress and looked at this new theme. The only thing I didn’t like was no custom header. I like a piece of needlepoint at the top of my blog. I like to change the look of my blog but get a little nervous about how things will travel from one theme to another. Love your stitching. Visit me someday http://stitchlady.wordpress.com
    Happy Stitching, another Jan

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