Turquoise Dreams – Progress 4

I just slowly work away here. Not getting a lot done.

I did replace the beige Satin Floss with a medium gold floss and finished up the four corners. Then it was on to the squares around the outside. These were done with 3 plies of DMC floss # 598 for every other stitch. Then I went back a second time with gold Neon Rays for the rest.

For the center of the Walneto I decided to add a Double Cross Stitch. The straight cross was done with turquoise Fyre Werks and then I used gold Sprinkles for the slanted cross stitch. Just a little sparkle to draw the eye to the center (in case the Walneto wasn’t enough).

Just a few more stitches and this will be done maybe Friday.


3 responses to “Turquoise Dreams – Progress 4

  1. Your new template is really eye-pleasing—BUT the headings need to be 2 spaces more to the right. The lettering disappears against the background for the first two letters as it is now. Hate to be the bearer of criticism.

    Incidentally, I like your new additions to the design!

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