Peru Mantle – Getting Ready to Stitch

Taking photos of this project will be a challenge. I’ll be stitching black on black but using a lot of very bright colors as well. I started by putting the black canvas onto scroll bars.  The design will be 16″ X 14″. (The canvas is 20 X 19.) This will make it a little easier to handle while I do the center section with the Ocular Being and the 2 large Cats. I then basted around the area that will be stitched and marked the center area so I can verify that I have it centered on the canvas.

There are 4 orange shades, black, bright yellow and some green. I also have the black, bright orange, and bright yellow in Trio so I can use one ply at a time to do the stem stitch for details. I’ll start with the Ocular Being in the center, outlined in black and surrounded by the bright orange. The details of the face will be in lots of colors with the second brightest orange used to basketweave the area around the details. With nice weather here for a few days, I can stitch outside on the patio for an hour or so each day and get a start on the black outlining. (But it going down to the 50’s by the end of the week and the rain will return.) The Ocular Being and I will return in a few days so you can see how he’s doing.


One response to “Peru Mantle – Getting Ready to Stitch

  1. Black on Black is a real challenge to stitch, but if you can stitch outside in real daylight it should make it much easier!

    Looking forward to seeing the Ocular Being develop!

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