Peru Mantle – Progress 1

I’ve only been working on this a few hours, but wanted to check in so you could see how things are going. I started with outlining half the Ocular Being so I could start playing with background stitches and a few details. I’ve placed a piece of white paper behind it so you can see it a little better. (Since I took this photo, I found a mistake in the nose part of the stitching and have corrected it.)

I’ve stitched the outline of two extensions on the top of the head and two to the right as well. I filled in one of the top extensions with basketweave using the color that will fill in the entire inside of the Ocular Being. I’ll go back later and use Stem stitch to add another color down the middle of that extension. The second one on the top is wider so I’ll add green in basketweave and then fill it in with the Marmalade color.

The background around the Ocular Being and the large cats will be done in Big Orange using the Nobuko stitch. So far it’s looking good. Above and below this center band will be several rows of black Scotch stitches to separate the center band and the narrower bands at the top and the bottom of the piece. I’ll be back in a few days with more progress.


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