Peru Mantle – Progress 3

Anne asked about the meaning of the Ocular Being is this mantle. I’ve gone over the book and researched on the Internet and can find no meaning at all. Hmmm. I do know that the death mantles were stitched by the family and often contained symbols that represented that person’s life or occupation. Considering the area and time frame for this mantle, they often wove the main elements into the cloth and then added the details after the cloth was woven – so the Ocular Being face was probably woven into the cloth and the extensions, eyes, and mouth were embroidered later. I’m stitching a little more detail into the main piece, but I will embroider on more details later.

So here it is today. The outline of the face is complete, the extensions are stitched and filled, and the eyes are done. As usual, I’ve added more background as well. I always want to do background as I go along. I never leave it all to the end.

I’ll complete the face next and then start outlining and stitching a cat on each side of the face. I’ll be back in a few days.


3 responses to “Peru Mantle – Progress 3

  1. There’s nothing quite so disheartening as having miles of background to do at the end – it’s a good thought to stitch it as you go along!

  2. Good idea on stitching background as you go along–the surface area can mount up easily if you’re not diligent!

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