Peru Mantle – Progress 4

Got an idea while I was stitching on this yesterday – then hit the Internet for a little more research. Instead of Ocular Being, I searched for Oculate Being in Inca textiles. And I found out a few things. Leading up to the change from B.C to A.D., the area around Paracas in Southern Peru was known for beheadings as a form of sacrifice. Pottery from that time often included a figure with large eyes holding a head. Not a lot is known about this particular being, but it is assumed it was a symbol of a god. Representative of a god, this being (or just a head with large eyes) appeared on pottery and especially textiles used for burials. Since this mantle has been dated from the years 0-100 A.D., it’s at the end of this period of history. Now we know a little about the face that appears below in my adaptation of the Burial Mantle.

I finished stitching the face and have outlined a cat to the right of it. More background has been added and I’ve started the three rows of black Scotch stitches that will separate this part of the piece from the narrower bands above and below it.

The thread just to the left of the face marks the top of the cat that will be outlined on that side to match the right side. This week I hope to finish the background on the right side, work on the cat, and outline the cat on the left side. The weather has been nice the last couple of days so I can sit outside and work on the black more easily. I hope the nice weather continues, but they’re saying a little more rain may find its way to our area the middle of the week.

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