Patchwork Quilt Rug – Progress 9

A quick review for any new readers: I adopted this canvas, wool yarn, and frame from a fellow stitcher who knew she would not get back to it or complete it. It’s 4 feet X 5 feet in size on 10 count canvas. I’ve had it for 14 months now. On the last day in December I posted this photo showing the top row of squares and all the borders around the top completed.

So my goal is to complete the second row this year. It’s now been 4 months and I just finished the first square in this row. Since I didn’t know the original owner’s plans for the various colors, I took a printed photo of the entire canvas and went through to decide what to do with the two lighter shades of blue and two shades of green. I decided to do this square using the medium blue and the lighter shade of green.

So next week I’ll start on the next square, which is a set of four houses. Now you can understand why I used the lighter green for the just completed square. For these two shades of green, I only have a small skein of each. All the other colors for the rug have hanks. I know Paternayan yarn is getting hard to find, and I’m worried that when I get to the last row I won’t have enough of some of the colors. That’s another year or two into the future, so I won’t worry too much about it, until I have to.

The next square is shown below, so you can see what I’ll be working on now. This is one of only two squares in the rug that do not have any of the wide borders – because it sits in the middle of the rug and doesn’t touch any of the sides. Hopefully, I’ll complete it a little faster.

Now to get busy on other projects waiting my attention.

3 responses to “Patchwork Quilt Rug – Progress 9

  1. Great to see the progress. I am amazed again by the size of it every time I see it. Hope you are getting some of this great sunshine.

  2. Jan, thanks for showing your progress. It’s looking great! A quick check on Paternayan coverage is on 10mesh 1.4 33″ strands covers 1 square inch. That’s actually a smidge generous. In a way the trouble with Paternayan is a good thing since it has caused some shops to swap yarns back and forth. I’m in Florida and swap regularly with shops in St. Louis and Kansas City.

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