Peru Mantle – Progress 7

I’ve started on the top section of the mantle now. I know it’s hard to see this project, being black on black, but I hope with the white paper behind it you can see a little. The scrollwork has been stitched in black and I’ve stitched green through the middle to help you see it. I’ve started to fill in around the green with Marmalade – the color used to fill in the face and the cats.

The scrollwork does not go all the way across the top (or the bottom when I get to it). There will be a block of black Scotch stitches on each side. Below the scroll I’ve started to add the Nibuko stitch in Clementine, a shade lighter than Marmalade. Across the top of the scroll I’ll use the lightest shade, Quince. This is definitely a loud project.

Here’s how the whole project looks so far.

The center band is about 6 inches tall. The scrollwork on the top and bottom will only be  about 3 inches. Hopefully it will move along a little faster. We’ll see.


5 responses to “Peru Mantle – Progress 7

  1. For some reason I’m picturing the characters of a video game marching across the screen when I look at the cats legs. Probably a result of all of the video game playing by the kids!

    Windy Meadow

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