ANG’s Stitch of the Month – May

Since there isn’t a lot of stitched to show each month, I’ve decided to post photos every other month. The first photo below shows the stitches for March and April. Below that is the stitch for May.

   When I showed my colors for this project, I had two shades of plum and two shades of blue #12 perle cotton. I wasn’t sure which way I wanted to go. When it was time to stitch May’s diamond, I had to decide. I picked the lighter shade. I know the perle cottons are used for the two outside diamonds and the two center diamonds and decided that I would use the lighter colors for those diamonds and the darker overdyes for the remaining diamonds. I made the decision to use light perles because I only had one choice for the green. That is the only green in #12 perle that would go with the overdye I found. Hopefully selecting the lighter colors will work out well.

The final photo shows the project so far. We still have a ways to go and I look forward to the first of each month to see what will be added.


One response to “ANG’s Stitch of the Month – May

  1. These stitches produce really sculptural effects, don’t they – it would be fascinating to develop them for use in other pieces!

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