Peru Mantle – Progress 8

I’ve gotten one corner completed with the scrollwork and the two lighter shades of yellow/orange. There is also one row of Scotch stitches in black above the lightest orange to finish the edge. There is a large section of black Scotch stitches on the left side of the scrollwork. There will be a matching section of black on the right side. I put a piece of white paper along the top so you can get an idea of the finished look.

As you can see, this is a very bright piece. I’ve used Big Orange and then 3 shades of yellow/orange (Marmalade, Clementine, and Quince). I’m not sure they all work together well, but they sure make a wild statement. I’ve noticed, now that the yellow/orange threads have been added, that the Big Canary (bright yellow) that I used in the center for the Ocular Being’s mouth and eyes, and the cat faces now look like they are lime green. Interesting. Here’s the whole piece as it is today.

Because it’s on a scroll frame, I can just barely fit the center band and the top band in the stitching area. I’ll finish the top section by weekend and then scroll up so I can work on the bottom section – a repeat of what you see on the top.


3 responses to “Peru Mantle – Progress 8

  1. Big Canary looks bright yellow, not lime green, on my computer monitor. You’ve made a lot of progress on this piece in a relatively short period of time.

  2. Big Canary looks yellow on my screen, too, but there is a grey-green appearance to one of the threads, which runs down the centre of the scrollwork…

  3. I really like the way these colors are working together. Yellow on my screen too & the line in the middle of scroll looks green.

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