Christmas Tree by Mindy – Progress 2

I’ve continued to work on the little Christmas tree in the evenings as I have time. I’ve started filling in the top of the center section now.

I’ve filled in all of the little rectangles near the top, using 3 plies of floss in all 5 shades of turquoise. I then worked around the rectangles with Kreinik #8 braid – #002HL. I’ll use this Kreinik for all of the center section where gold is needed. Near the top of the tree was a section in the middle shade of turquoise. I decided to stitch it using the same Cashmere stitch as the rectangles with a row of ten stitches in between them. It provides a little variation and texture from all the basketweave.

Now it was time to work on the Christmas tree itself. I tried white Neon Rays + because I wanted some shimmer in the tree. I didn’t like it – too flat – and ripped it out. Then I decided to try Alabaster from Rainbow Gallery – a thicker thread of nylon and polyester that has a shiny filament in it. In case I needed to rip it out also, I started at the bottom of the tree and stitched a little to see how it would look. Since it is a thicker thread, it stands out a little from the canvas and I like it much better. One 15″ length a night finally got the Christmas tree completed.

Next, I’ll complete the rest of the center design area, using Basketweave in floss and Kreinik. I’ll come back to the red spots on the tree when that is completed.

I have 3 projects I’m trying to complete this month, so I better get back to work. New projects are scheduled for June and on through the summer. Stay tuned.


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