Stars of the New Millennium by Tony Minieri – Colors

Liz Morrow and I enjoyed working on the same project and posting our progress so much that we’re going to do it again. After a few days of emails back and forth looking for a project that we both wanted to stitch, we’ve settled on Stars of the New Millennium by Tony Minieri. We both have lots of other projects going on, but we’re ready with our colors right now.

I started with my overdye – Acorn Woods from The Thread Gatherer. This is the same overdye that I used for the knotwork in the Anatolia piece. So my main colors will be rust (Color A) and olive green (Color B). I decided on off-white/cream for Color C because I wanted something very light to set off the darker, brighter colors. For Color D, I pulled 4 shades of light to medium brown.

This project uses a lot of different threads and I’ve done some substituting, but I think I’m all set now. But maybe not… I would like to throw in a few touches of turquoise too, like I did in Anatolia. So I went back to my stash and pulled 4 shades of light to medium turquoise too. As I work my way through the various stars, I’ll probably try the brown and the turquoise and see which I like best. The photo below shows the turquoise threads that I’ve pulled, along with all the other threads.

A lot of you have already stitched (or are stitching) this piece. What do you think? Keep the brown or switch to turquoise? I’d like to hear your feedback/comments.

We won’t be ready to stitch for a few weeks though. We’re working to finish up other things before we start new ones in June. Be sure to check out Liz’ blog today as she is showing her choice of colors as well.

7 responses to “Stars of the New Millennium by Tony Minieri – Colors

  1. If it were me I would use the turquoise as your B color instead of the olive. The three colors (rust, turquoise, and brown) are very compatible. You could use the olive for minor touches.

  2. Oh how lovely! I’m knee-deep in this one right now and cannot tell you how much I am enjoying every single stitch! It has been such a delight, and I think I can see myself doing it again and again in different colorways.

    I think as you go you will find the perfect places to insert the “pop” of the turquoise. If your other projects are any evidence of it, you definitely have a fabulous eye for colors and where they are most effective!

  3. Whatever your B color is will be the sashing and very prominent, so make sure you like it. When it comes to choosing between turquoise shades and browns, I wouldn’t choose. I’d use touches of both in various squares. Because you are choosing threads and colors Tony didn’t use, you want as many options as possible for each block so you can make the stitches look the way you want.

    Just my two cents’ worth!

  4. I think you will have to wait and see where the brown/turquoise would come in so you can see how it relates to the other colors around it. Just MHO.

  5. BTW…for a completely different color-way on this piece, check out Coni over at to see her patriotic / red white and blue version.

  6. Love your color palette!

    I have Stars but I’m waiting till I retire to start the project. Just not enough hours in the day. 🙂

    I’m going to enjoy watching yours and Liz’s develop.


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