Christmas Tree by Mindy – Finale

I finished stitching the center area using 5 shades of turquoise and the light, bright gold for the stars and sparkles in the background.

Then it was time to do the border around the edge of the piece. I used the darkest shade of turquoise and a darker, duller gold. It was quickly stitched using Mosaic stitch. The corners were stitched in Basketweave using the medium shade of turquoise. The final step was to add 4 red stitches in each corner, using 3 plies of bright red DMC Satin Floss.

Again using the Satin Floss, I filled in the red stitches for the Christmas Tree. This wasn’t an easy task, since the Alabaster thread is so thick. But now the little 2″ X 4″ ornament is completed. It was quick and fun to stitch. I’ve very glad I bought it since I love turquoise so much. I have a couple more small ornaments to stitch and then I will have to get busy and do some finishing.


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