Tunisian Rug – Inspiration

I’ve been working on colors and motifs for a new rug for a month or so. Here’s the inspiration – a Berber rug from Tunisia.

I got this photo off the Internet and when I try to enlarge it to see the details, it just pixelates. So I don’t have any clear photos to work from. That required a little more work on my part, trying to create motifs that will give a similar look to the piece as I stitch.

I needed to start with colors. I originally thought I would do this rug in blues and greens with off-white (natural) as the background. Then I started playing with motifs and it just didn’t feel right. So, back to the drawing board. The Berbers do a lot of their rugs and blankets in the natural colors of sheep wool. I had blankets in Morocco that had a natural background with designs done in brown, gray, and black. But I didn’t like the brown families that I had on hand. This is what I finally ended up choosing.

 The open skein is Mushroom, which will be the background color for the center. Going to the right, I have Toadstool, Portabella, Truffle, and Shitake. On the left are two shades of gray/browns – Mouse and Elephant. These will be used as dividing borders and touches will appear in the center designs.

Now it’s time to cut the canvas, put it on stretcher bars, and get to work. I should have something to show you in a week.


2 responses to “Tunisian Rug – Inspiration

  1. Wonderful–another rug! The colors you’ve chosen are perfect for this adaptation. How large will this rug be?

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