Stars of the New Millennium – Marilyn Monroe Done

Liz and I found time over the last few days to get the first square completed, much to our surprise.

I love the center – with a medium shade of rust covered with the overdye Acorn Woods. The squares at the four corners of the center are the darkest shade of rust floss from Anchor with dots of off-white. Two areas of off-white plus some light brown finished the first day of stitching.  I wasn’t pleased with some of the colors I had originally picked – my off-whites seemed too white and too stark a contrast. I searched my stash and found a better off-white shade of Bravo and used that for the off-white sections in this photo. Then went to my LNS today and got 5 new threads for some of the off-whites and browns that I needed.

To finish this square, I did the Gobelin stitches in #265 Anchor #5 perle. It was nice to finally have some of the olive in place to break up all the rust. The final sections around the outside used medium light and medium rust and touch of olive green. The instructions said to use 1 ply of the B-1 thread (medium olive for me). The stitches just disappeared into the rust. I pulled them out and restitched them using 2 plies and I like the final look of this square.

I won’t have time to work on stars now for about a week or so. I have a couple of olive greens that I want to try for the sashing. I’ll try to do a little of that and make a final decision so I can start the sashing. Then it will be on to Clark Gable.

Don’t forget to go to Liz Morrow’s blog to see her version today as well. She has a much lighter version going, so you’ll see lots of differences on this project.


3 responses to “Stars of the New Millennium – Marilyn Monroe Done

  1. Just getting ready to stitch this piece in Jelly Bean colorway. After seeing yours, I have second thoughts. Yours is gorgeous!

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