Tunisian Rug – A Start

Like a writer staring at a blank page, a needlepoint designer starts with a blank canvas. The borders have been worked out in detail on the computer and one corner of the design has been printed for reference. I’ve laid out the 7 colors. I’m ready to start that big, blank canvas. This rug will be about 18″ X 28″ (the canvas is 24″ X 34″). I always say “about” because I have to make the borders work together and that could add or subtract a few stitches on the sides.

I decided to use the darker of the 2 gray/browns to start. I’m doing 3 rows of Basketweave around the outside edge. I’d like to finish some of my rugs as wall hangings and this will give me a sewing seam. Then I started on the first of the borders. Scotch stitches and Gobelin stitches will be used for this border.

I have 4 needles threaded up with the four colors to be used for this border. I’m hoping that will help me move along a little faster. Whatever color I’ll need will be right there. I’m not using the lightest of the Fungus family because I want to save it for the center background to make it stand out.

There are 16 repeats of this border motif across the bottom of the rug. I want to get that much done, and a few up each side, before I start on the next part of the borders. It will be a very narrow band. I’m not sure how often I’ll be posting the rug. Progress is slow and you don’t really want to see every little step. Hopefully I’ll find a lot of stitching time over the next few days and be ready for the next border by Monday. Here’s hoping.


5 responses to “Tunisian Rug – A Start

  1. Very interesting colors.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what you are going to put in the center. Yes, I noticed that you just shared with us the border design. 🙂


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