Tunisian Rug – Progress 2

Only two days, and it’s been a bad week so far. Sigh. After finding the problem with Wildest Dream, I got up this morning with high hopes for the Tunisian Rug. I finished the first border along the bottom of the rug and started on the narrow second border. Something didn’t look right as I worked my way across the rug a second time.  Look at the 4th motif from the left in the first border. I know these colors are subtle, but that one looks like 3 different colors instead of just 2.

Yes, the two corners on the left side are Truffle and the two corners on the right are Toadstool. Rats! So tomorrow I’ll carefully rip out the one strand of Truffle and replace it with Toadstool to match the rest of the row. I also want to have 5 motifs going up each side before I start the last of the borders, so I’ll work on that for the next couple of days. I will stay calm and make no further mistakes this week (I hope!). I plan to post about the rug again on Sat. if all goes well. Thinking positive here…  Here’s my progress so far.


3 responses to “Tunisian Rug – Progress 2

  1. Grrr. I know how frustrating that is, but given the subtlety of the colours it’s not all that surprising. You’ll just have to stay even more organised in future…

  2. Not a biggie as hiccups go, especially considering how close in value your colors are. Looks good nevertheless!

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