Tunisian Rug – Progress 3

While I was working on the small second border yesterday, I kept looking at the design for the final border. I had printed out a corner of the design to refer to as I worked. I decided that I didn’t like the way I had designed it. So last night, I went to work on the computer again. I knew I wanted to take out the little dividing lines between the border repeats. I hated the way I had designed the corners and didn’t know what to do with them just yet. One consideration when working with multiple borders is that they have to match up at the corners and sometimes that can be problematic. I also have my borders line up in the middle of each side – just makes it easier when stitching (and writing instructions!). I know I have 16 repeats of the motif in the first border, so the last border has to center up on that.

So here is the start of the last border. Since I didn’t do any practice stitching last night after I redesigned it, I started across the top first. When I started across the bottom of the design, I found there was an easier way to do the zigzag, so pulled it all out and started again. That’s why there is only a little done today. I also decided that a Double Cross in the smaller diamonds wouldn’t work. There is one thread where the first stitch goes, not one hole. If I make a stitch from the left to the right to start the Double Cross, it would come across from the hole above the thread and the thread would still show. (I don’t know if you understand what I’m trying to say here.) So I just used straight stitches and it looks fine. Also, if I used decorative stitches for every diamond, I’m afraid it would be too much.

So I will continue this week on this last border and try to get all the way around the bottom and up about four inches on each side. Then I get to see if the inside of the rug will work out as planned. I need to stitch faster!


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