Stars of the New Millennium by Tony Minieri – Clark Gable Done

I thought i had finally gotten all the various threads and shades of color that I needed for this project – two trips to the LNS. Then I started on this square. I needed 4 shades of the olive green color in wool/wool, silk combination. I had 6, but no matter what combination I used I couldn’t get the right flow from light to dark. Back to the LNS for the 3rd time! But here is the center of the square.

Then I started on the next part – #5 pearl couched with 2 colors of floss to create a triangle with little squares. This started slow, but went faster as I got into the flow of the pattern. The rest of the square went quickly, especially the Oriental stitch at the four corners. That’s one of my favorite stitches. So here is Clark Gable completed. I really like this square!

Then I HAD to start on the sashing. Each time I went to the LNS I tried to find the right shade of Splendor for the sashing. I finally gave up and I”m using floss. I tried one color over a week ago and then I could stare at it each day and decide if I liked it. Then I ripped it out and tried a slightly darker shade and I’m really happy with it now. So here’s Stars so far:

Don’t forget to visit Liz Morrow’s blog to see her version of Clark Gable today as well.

3 responses to “Stars of the New Millennium by Tony Minieri – Clark Gable Done

  1. I’m thoroughly enjoying watching Liz, Conni at Spinster Stitcher and you work on Stars. It’s so generous of all of you to post pictures showing your progress – such eye candy! It’s great to see our color palette and share your process in color design.

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