Tunisian Rug – Progress 4

I finally got the last of the borders stitched across the bottom of the rug and up the sides about 5 inches. Then I added 2 rows of Gobelin stitches, one in the darkest of the Fungus family (Shitaki) and one in the lighter brownish gray (mouse).

So now I can start working on the inside of the rug tomorrow. I’ll start with the small design in the left corner and then set up the stitch I’ve selected for the background. I’ll have to continue to work on the borders up the sides as well. Here is the rug so far:

I want to avoid having to rip out stitches, so I got out the graph paper and colored pencils and worked out the corner pattern in detail. Hopefully, I’ll be stitching quite happily from now on. I work on this rug each morning when it’s cool since the needlepoint room is upstairs. We’ll be in the mid to upper 90s for the next week, so I’ll work on other projects downstairs for the rest of the day and stay cool.

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