Tunisian Rug – Progress 5

Things are moving along nicely now and I seem to move a little faster each day. I worked on the corner design first, repeating Scotch stitches done over 3 and 4 threads and a little Gobelin too. Now it’s all been stitched around using the lightest shade of the Fungus family – Mushroom. When I designed this rug and got around to the details of the borders and center design, I didn’t know what I would use as the background stitch. The Medallion Rug is the only other rug I’ve done with a central design and I used Byzantine for the navy background. I wasn’t sure I wanted to use the same stitch on this rug. Then I saw Mary Agnes (Needle Nicely blog) using Byzantine Scotch for the background of the Five Ladies she completed last month. Aha! Since I already have plenty of Scotch stitches in the design, I decided that Byzantine Scotch would be perfect for this rug. What do you think?

I wanted to keep the design fairly small and tight. The center design will grow from this and be much larger. But getting it surrounded by stitching wasn’t easy. I did the Byzantine and Scotch stitches as much as I could. Then had to compensate a little. When I was left with just the area between the corner elements, I used Mosaic and Tent stitches. I’m thinking that for the center design I need to have enough space between elements to fill in with Scotch over 3 threads, but we’ll have to see if it works out that way.

I’ve also starting working on the borders up the left side and will get the ones that are started done this week. Then I can move to the right side, repeat the corner design and add to the borders on the right. I’ll have to mark where the center design will be so I don’t run over that area while I stitch the background. Here is the rug so far:


5 responses to “Tunisian Rug – Progress 5

  1. Yes, that’s a good choice. And the Mosaic stitch infill around the corner motif works well too. A bit of subtle texture always helps, doesn’t it!

  2. The Mushroom is gorgeous. The way the light plays across the stitches, it almost looks like two different colors.

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