Me? Cross Stitch?

I haven’t done much cross stitch – it just doesn’t draw my attention like needlepoint. Until now.  I have to admit that cross stitchers have access to some gorgeous, complicated patterns. I’ve been watching several people (through their blogs) who are stitching mandalas right now.

Committed Stitcher is working on two of them. Tuscany ( and Medieval Town (

Isadarena has done many mandalas, but this one tipped me over the edge (

That one sent me off to the website of Martina Weber ( I browsed through all of the mandalas and picked Persian Iris to purchase. I’m sure you figured I would choose something with an Arab theme. Isn’t it just beautiful!!

I read over the instructions and searched my stash to find some of the threads. I’ve order threads online and gone to my LNS too. After a month of searching and ordering threads, I finally started on Tuesday. (I thought about needlepointing it, but it just wouldn’t be the same that way.) After 3 afternoons, I’ve gotten a tiny bit done on 32 ct. Belfast Linen.

It’s stitched in two shades of blue silk (royal and navy) and gold Petite Treasure Braid. Such tiny stitches, but I’ll keep at it because I really love the design and the colors. This is the middle which will be filled with beads when the entire piece is stitched. There are actually over 1,800 beads and crystals that need to be added after the stitching is done!  I won’t be showing this very often – I know it will be a slow project for me. I certainly don’t want to rip out any of those tiny stitches! Wish me luck on a new venture.


8 responses to “Me? Cross Stitch?

  1. I see you are under the mandala spell. I drool every time I look at the choices. Each one is more spectacular than the other. Did you say 1,800 beads and crystals – whoa baby!

  2. Martina Weber’s mandala gardens really are gorgeous! I have 3 in my neglected WIP pile, but it was Medieval Town Mandala that got me started. Good luck with yours!

  3. Gorgeous designs!…I can see why you got hooked 🙂

    …but 32 count is way to fine for my eyesight these days…

    (I might go for one to do on Aida 14 instead though :o)

  4. Hi Jan,

    I love Martina’s Mandalas and have several in my stash.

    Thanks for sharing the website for Isadarena’s mandala. It’s beautiful!

    I’m looking forward to seeing how your Persian Iris grows. How large will this be on 32 count?

    Windy Meadow

  5. WOW..that looks like a very complicated counted cross stitch. Good Luck. I am doing a small counted cross stitch that I had to do because the design made me smile. I do mostly counted needlepoint. Love you blog and your photos are great. I am sometimes disappointed at the way my photos turn out on my blog.

  6. Persians aren’t Arab, they are Persian. For one, they don’t speak Arabic; that should be your first clue. As a Persian, that is slightly offensive, like calling all Hispanic people Mexicans.

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