In My Wildest Dream – Progress 7

There’s only one word for it – lazy. I took a photo before I put this away on Sunday evening and never posted it.

I’ve been working to fill in the rest of the right side so that it is about the same size as the left. There are 4 master sheets for this project and I’m at the point where some of the sections are shown on both page 2 and page 3. So I think I’m officially half done.

I finished ripping out the border along the right side and restitched most of it. I’ll wait to finish the right side border until I get more of the inside sections done. I have a couple of very bright orange sections, which remind me of sugar maples in the fall. I want to include a few dark red sections as well to remind me of the Japanese maples in front of my house too.

The last thing I did on Sunday was to pull colors for the 6-8 sections. I try to do this each Sunday. That way when I pull this out of the closet, I can jump right in and stitch. I think I’ll have to pull more threads from now on to cover two days of stitching.

I have too many projects going right now and would like to speed up on a couple of them. So I think this project needs to be worked on two days a week now – Saturdays and Sundays. I’m hoping to have it finished by the end of August so I definitely need to gets things moving along a little faster.

3 responses to “In My Wildest Dream – Progress 7

  1. Jan, what a beautiful piece. It reminds me of a scrappy quilt. I love all of the stitches and the colors you have chosen. I will be watching your progress.

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