Tunisian Rug – Progress 6

A word about designing before I talk about where I am now on the rug. You’ve been able to watch as I work out a new design, rip out things that don’t work, and then try again. In my smaller designs that are for sale, I encourage everyone to try to make little changes in the design. Just changing a color or a thread will lead to something similar to my original design, but your own adaptation of it as well. Another designer feels the same way – Gay Ann Rogers. She’s working on a new design – an open-ended design that she hasn’t planned out. She’s letting it lead her where it will. Check her blog post here (http://gayannrogers.blogspot.com/2011/07/on-designing-for-needlepoint.html) where she talks about it. And check her website to see Summer Solstice and how the design is progressing. Designing isn’t easy, but taking a designer’s piece and making small changes is a good way for all of you to start challenging yourself.

On to the rug – I’ve spent most of the last few days working on the background trying to get to the right side of the piece. I did stitch the corner design so I can see how things are going to fit. I started the same way I started the first corner design – I made 4 Scotch stitches from the corner so the dark L shape will be in exactly the same place and size as the first one. I know the background won’t fit perfectly (nothing has so far), but it gives me something to work around to make the design fit. I’ll probably have to rip out the 4 Scotch stitches and do some compensating, but that’s easy to do.

I just finished a Byzantine row and you can see that a Scotch stitch won’t fit correctly between the Byzantine and the Scotch stitches that are already there. I’ll continue to work on rows of background and see how much I can fit properly and then compensate like I did on the first corner, using Mosaic stitches to fill in the areas that are left.

Here is how the rug looks right now:

Do you see the V in light gray in the center? That is where the center design will be. I wanted to mark that area so I would know how far to work the background without over-running the center. I won’t get to the center for another couple of weeks. My next steps are to finish this corner and add to the right hand border so it reaches the center of the side. I think I’ll be busy.


2 responses to “Tunisian Rug – Progress 6

  1. I am really enjoying seeing your progress on this. So many color variations come to mind! Will you be selling the pattern for this rug? I for one am definitely interested!

    Joanie r.

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