Stars of the New Millennium – Vivien Leigh Done

So far, I’ve enjoyed the center design of all of the squares in this row. I am not fond of the light rust in the center of this one though. It looks too salmon. I tried to substitute a light rust colored floss, but I couldn’t get the threads to stay together well enough. It needed a perle cotton or Pebbly Perle, etc. It’s the only place in the entire design where this one thread is used. I guess it will have to do since I can’t find another thread in my stash that would be better.

For the outer squares it called for the same light B thread (olive) but I used one just a little darker. I didn’t like the lighter one – it just disappeared into the other stitches.

And you finally get to see the overdyed thread – Acorn Woods by Thread Gatherer. I like the outer borders of this square. So I now have the first row of squares completed and did the sashing between them as well. I think I’ll tackle the outer borders and corners next. Don’t forget to check out Liz’s progress today as well on her blog.


4 responses to “Stars of the New Millennium – Vivien Leigh Done

  1. I think your work is so beautiful. I follow it every day. So here goes with an uncalled for comment. I know I shouldn’t , but you are right. That light salmon center doesn’t work. I feel like a creep writing this but everything else is sooo perfect.

  2. I had wondered if your choice of neutral color was going to create any problems like the light salmon thread. It’s one of those things. If there was a color behind it, the problem would probably disappear. I agree it looks too light. Right now. If I were you, I’d continue and see what happens. You can always change this later. I’m counseling patience!

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