Tunisian Rug – Progress 8

I decided I had to start working on the center design so I could work the background around it. So here is the beginning.

This is a good example of continuity in design. I started the little boxes in the corners of the last border. I added to that with the design in the corners of the center background. I’ve now repeated some of those elements in the center design and added a little to it as well. This repeating of elements helps tie the whole design together. In the photo below of my progress so far, you can see another element has been added to the center design.

Each day now, I will add to the center design, continue to work on borders on this side of the rug, and fill in a little background. Eventually, this will all be completed. I’m taking it easy – only an hour a day – but it’s coming along nicely.


2 responses to “Tunisian Rug – Progress 8

  1. It’s always surprising how sometimes you can add something that seems a relatively small area, but it seems to bring the whole project forward by a much greater extent, isn’t it!

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